Flea, Tick & Worming

Bobbie Dogs supplies responsible dog owners with all your Flea, Tick & Worm prevention and control for your Dog. We know each dog has different needs for their health care depending on where you live, how often you visit the vet and more likely than others how you dog responds to flea and worm prevention. This is why Bobbie Dogs has got you covered when it comes to Flea, Tick and Worming for every situation, every dog and every dog owner. AND don't forget 20% of all profits go to Australian Volunteer Organisations focused on re-homing stray animals. YES, you read that correctly. Protect your dog to save a dog.
Advantage FLEAS Monthly Application
Advantix FLEAS. TICKS. SAND FLIES. MOSQUITOS Monthly Application
Frontline FLEAS. TICKS. PARALYSIS TICKS. LICE - Frontline is your best option for preventing ticks. Monthly Application
Nexguard FLEAS. TICKS - oral chewable tablet monthly 
Bravecto FLEAS. TICKS - oral chewable tablet every 3 months (for the forgetful dog lovers)
20% of all Bobbie Dogs profits go to Australian Volunteer Organisations focused on re-homing stray animals. Treat your Dog to Save a Dog #treat2save #responsibledogowner #adoptdontshop #rescueadog #breedingisnotcool